Sectors We Work In

Central and Local Government

We deliver risk and asbestos management services and consultancy to various public sector clients, throughout the UK.


Working with Public Sector organisations nationwide has been key to our growth year on year. Every single day you will see one of our many company unliveried vans parked outside schools, council offices, libraries, community centres, GP’s offices, hospitals, council houses and even “public conveniences”. We are the market leader in risk management and pride ourselves in delivering carbon friendly asbestos services.


Nationwide Coverage

National coverage and a large workforce is in some cases essential to delivering these types of projects, and demonstrating the competence of both the company, and the individuals working for us through providing quality work in a safe manner.


Cost Savings

Being able to demonstrate value for money has always been important, especially in recent years where we have helped clients get the most out of every penny in their budgets.


Many of the public sector clients we work with have come through competitive tender processes, with many of them above the OJEU threshold. The ability to demonstrate the best value in every area of our business is extremely important to organisations we work with, as well as our involvement in charitable projects, promoting community engagement and employing and training local people.


We are also members on a number of Public Sector frameworks:



Visibility of your portfolio

Our online, cloud-based asbestos and compliance management software NexGen is delivered to you freely and provides real-time reporting and analysis results. These results can be provided to other contractors and key stakeholders as well as providing the ability for instance access to information via our Asbestos QR Codes, allowing immediate decisions to be made, reducing downtime, and enabling other trades to proceed with their works, and most importantly, preventing unnecessary hazardous material disturbances resulting in exposures.