Sectors We Work In


Much of our experience in this sector has been on sites which have numerous potential risks which would not normally be so profound in many other sectors. Moving machinery, on site laboratories, chemicals and gases, mazes of different types of pipework and 24/7 operational buildings are just a few of the examples which we dealt with recently. 


Health and Safety tends to be the highest priority for our clients in this sector, especially on lower/higher tier COMAH sites. Proof of technical competency, comprehensive Health and Safety training, detailed risk assessments and method statements are extremely important in successfully delivering an outstanding quality service on these types of sites. 


Find out what our Lucion Environmental team did for one of the UK's largest powerstations: Asbestos Pre-Demolition Case Study


Nationwide Coverage

National coverage and a large workforce is in some cases essential to delivering these types of projects, and demonstrating the competence of both the company, and the individuals working for us. Our vast accreditations, memberships, certifications and framework agreements give assurance to our clients that the services we deliver are trusted by multiple clients within the infrastructure sector.


Visibility of your portfolio

Our online, cloud-based asbestos and compliance management software NexGen provides real-time reporting and analysis results can be provided to main contractors, clients and other members of their supply chain allowing immediate decisions to be made, reducing downtime, and enabling other trades to proceed with their works.