Sectors We Work In


Asbestos was historically used in the building and development of power plants, including nuclear power plants, throughout the UK. Due to its heat resistant and durable qualities, asbestos was a primary material used in buildings and structures which have been built over decades, and in some cases, centuries. As the UK’s market leader in asbestos testing, inspection and consultancy, we have worked with multiple clients in the utilities and specifically nuclear and power plant industries, delivering our services through the UK.


To deliver our services in the nuclear sector, specific training of surveyors/analysts is key, with our personnel undergoing security clearance checks to work on-site and Radiation Protection Supervisor training for compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations (IRR) 2017 and managing the scheme of monitoring and recording contamination levels and radiation dose rates when on-site.


National coverage and a large workforce is in some cases essential to delivering these types of projects, and demonstrating the competence of both our company, and the individuals working within our team provides assurance and a commitment to providing quality work in a safe manner.


Our Control Measures

To continue to deliver our services in this sector, our team implements specific safety protocols to ensure safe management of the contract from cradle to grave. Our control measures internally will be modelled on the five elements of nuclear safety in line with WANO nuclear safety traits: 

  • Physical controls

  • Local administrative controls

  • Standards

  • Suitably Qualified, Experienced Person (SQEP) roles

  • Culture


Safety At Your Facility Is Our Priority

With our nuclear sector clients, we are accustomed to being audited in line with their safety operations and UK nuclear safety standards. To ensure our team continues to uphold both your and our levels of safety and quality service delivery, as standard we additionally undertake our own audit programme, impartially managed by our Assurance Department, which is distinct from our Operational Delivery department for impartiality. These internal audits are  tailored to our clients’ specific Management Systems and nuclear site requirements. 

  • Audits are used to capture the performance and competency of all surveyors and analysts, project managers, consultants and business support team personnel. 

  • The audit schedule contains different audit types that measure the competency of each member of staff involved in the delivery of services either via practical on-site audits and vertical desktop audits. 

  • Audits are delivered by our Assurance Team, with our Assurance Systems Manager being appointed as Lead Auditor. Other members of the Assurance Team and management personnel are authorised to deliver audits after training and supervision by the Assurance Systems Manager. 

  • All audits assess the QHSE standards of work and result in each member of our team regularly engaging with the Assurance Team and being assessed for compliance with our operating procedures and UK regulations and guidance.

  • The primary purpose of our audits is to check compliance with our operating procedures and, if identified, investigate any non-confirming work i.e. work that does not meet the standards set in our operating procedures. 

  • Our Assurance Team manages all investigations and are focused on identifying corrective actions and preventive measures in order to mitigate against similar non-conformances occurring in the future, and thereby achieving continuous improvement.


Safety Culture

The culture we aim to create within our dedicated team at our nuclear client sites is one in which our core values and behaviours reflect a collective commitment to make nuclear safety the overriding priority. Whilst our duty on-site is to safely inspect, test and consult on asbestos and wider hazardous materials where required, we understand that this comes within the parameters of nuclear safety first and foremost. 


As the UK market leaders in asbestos testing, inspection, consultancy and management, we have developed an ingrained safety culture within our teams. This stems around a “right first time” mentality and an integrity to stop work when unsafe practices are identified or witnessed. Our internal initiative “Take Care Be Aware” (TCBA) includes staff representatives (who receive additional training such as Mental Health First Aid training) and targets TCBA observations encourage the reporting not just of near-miss scenarios but also of examples of best practices witnessed on site that we can learn from. 


Our internal safety culture brings a solid foundation for our team to build and integrate with your nuclear safety excellence culture.


Accredited Services

Lucion’s Quality Management System (QMS) is compliant to the latest edition of BS EN ISO 9001 and has been certified by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited Certification body, the British Standards Institute (BSI). Our QMS also incorporates the criteria for our UKAS ISO 17020 (asbestos inspection) and ISO 17025 (asbestos testing) accreditations which control how we deliver asbestos consultancy services required under this contract. 


Our Lucion Business Management System (LBMS) Manual is our comprehensive quality management policy which states the arrangements and procedures for quality management, the key persons responsible, and associated procedures and processes that are to be followed to ensure we meet the requirements of our ISO 9001, ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 accreditations. The manual also includes a policy statement and our quality objectives/KPIs which we use to measure our performance against year on year to identify successes and areas for improvement.


Visibility of your portfolio

Our online, cloud-based asbestos and compliance management software Lucion NexGen provides real-time reporting and analysis. Additionally,  results can be provided to main contractors, clients and other members of your supply chain allowing immediate decisions to be made, reducing downtime, and enabling other trades to proceed with their works on your project.


For our nuclear clients, ensuring data is safe and secure is vital. NexGen undergoes audits and Penetration Testing from external certification bodies to ensure our in-house built software is safe, secure and certified to Cyber Essentials Plus standards. 


Developed in-house, with Lucion NexGen software your data does not pass through third party software companies. Our business runs on NexGen, so you have peace of mind knowing that we continually invest in improving the software and our security measures for both the benefit of our clients and the sustainability of Lucion’s future.