Sectors We Work In


Millions of people are working in the UK retail sector everyday and it is important that they are protected from the risk of asbestos.


 As a leading supplier to the retail sector for asbestos management we are aware of the specific challenges faced on a daily basis.


We understand the importance of maintaining service and operations during all trading hours and the presence of the public, staff and contractors each day make it difficult to manage your asbestos effectively. That's why at Lucion we are able to work with you to find the best approach, working together to create  a programme and service offering to support your  requirements in a  high profile and busy environment whilst ensuring full statutory compliance and peace of mind.


As the UK market leaders in asbestos testing, inspection, consultancy and management, we work with many retail sector clients and are focused on a “right first time” approach. Whether you manage an entire portfolio of properties, a shopping centre or a chain of local supermarkets, we can help you with your asbestos compliance needs no matter how big or small they may be.


In the UK retail sector, we are a leading supplier of asbestos consultancy services, working with some of the biggest names in UK retail on a national scale. Our extensive experience and resources makes us the trusted and preferred supply chain partner for organisations of all sizes. From supporting compliance teams with capital works, advising and providing expert guidance or supporting clients on the asbestos management of a portfolio of properties, we are able to provide tailored compliance services to suit your needs.


Nationwide Coverage


At Lucion we work with many retail sector clients including well known national brands, with sites and properties across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our unrivaled national coverage and ever expanding workforce means we are able to  provide services to clients on a local, regional and national scale. Our network of 12 offices and 380 employees allows us to deliver asbestos management services nationally whilst utilising local resources, making us highly efficient and allowing us to  get to sites faster without the extended delays of added travel. This also takes into account the environmental impact of reduced travel time which is an important factor in Lucions daily operations.


Planning and Communication


Our dedicated  Account Managers and Project Coordinators allocated to each account will communicate efficiently with key client  personnel and store managers to plan and coordinate attendance around store opening times. Working collaboratively on a programme and time frame to suit the client and the site needs whilst ensuring efficiency of the works. Taking into account key factors at the planning stage including safety controls and site occupants at the time of the survey, eliminating any potential risks during the survey works onsite.


 Our Lead Surveyors working on the projects will liaise with site and area managers during their daily activities to provide reports on progress against agreed programmes and to highlight and resolve any issues with access, ensuring potential delays are mitigated and all areas are assessed as per the agreed programme in an effective manner.


Safety Culture


‘Making the world a safer place to live’ is our mission statement, this is a collective focus for Lucion,  not only to ensure  your asbestos compliance needs are met but to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone on your sites.


Whilst our duty on-site is to safely inspect, test and consult on asbestos and other hazardous materials where required, we will also notify you and your teams of any other potential risks that may be observed on-site, thereby supporting you to ensure your sites are managed safely.


Lucion has remained operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, completing all works under new restrictions and in line with our updated working practices, by conducting safe practices whilst working on site and ensuring the restriction guidelines are met, we ensure that all works are able to continue safely and without risk .  Our site teams adopt 2m social distancing and decontaminate all work areas before and after inspection ensuring the continued safety of the site, site occupants and the survey team.


Live Visibility of Asbestos and Risk Ratings Across Your Portfolio


Our online, cloud-based asbestos and compliance management software Lucion NexGen provides real-time reporting and analysis of your asbestos and risk ratings across your portfolio. Using the system, your live compliance information can be provided to you and members of your supply chain, not only allowing full visibility of your compliance status, potential remediation requirements and management responsibilities but also enabling review of high risk items for immediate decisions to be made allowing business continuity to resume as swiftly as possible. 


Developed in-house, with Lucion NexGen software your data does not pass through third party software companies. Our business runs on NexGen, giving you peace of mind that we  continually invest in improving the software, its offerings  and our security measures for both the benefit of our clients and the sustainability of Lucion’s future.