Providing Trusted Risk Management

Since the founding of Lucion in 2002, it has been essential for our organisation to think about what we can do to best serve our clients and reduce risks to their organisation, as well as their team and other individuals within their buildings and assets. We realised early on during our development that we wanted to make the world a safer place to live


We tasked ourselves to take our expertise in hazardous risk management and offer it to clients to facilitate their compliance needs. In order to achieve our mission, we have developed our capabilities to extend our service offering of accredited and certified hazardous material inspection, testing and consultancy, delivering holistic and trusted risk management


With a progressive understanding of the sustainability issues at hand, we are currently delivering our Sustainability Improvement Plan in which we strive to continue to invest both our resources and time in to positively contributing to the people and communities who invest in us


Today, Lucion and its subsidiary companies are one of the market leaders in the risk management industry, operating internationally, helping our clients to protect their teams, assets, and reputation. We are here to help you achieve your compliance goals with efficiency and ease


We are committed to continuing to build the type of company that supports all of our

stakeholders, our team, our clients and communities, with mutual trust and respect.